The academic rigor – unique to KMCT, draws the best out of its students and entails intense participation and extensive teamwork. The team work continues to be the primary tool for learning at almost all institutions in KMCT. It is supplemented by group projects, assignments, seminars, lectures, simulation games, role-plays, internal assessments and industrial visits.

World Class Faculty

The vision and objectives of the KMCT group is made reality through our world class faculty. The group is privileged to host faculties who have distinguished themselves as teachers, researchers and consultants of extraordinary calibre. Nearly all faculty members have doctorates, with many of them having extensive teaching experience in globally renowned Institutions. In addition, many have substantial full-time professional experience. They continue to strive in their areas of operations to impart knowledge and develop students on a continuous basis.

Extra-curricular Activities

For a KMCT student, there is never a dull moment. Students immerse themselves in various clubs and activities covering a wide range of interests and organize many events that transcend cultural and intellectual boundaries.

We are proud

While we feel proud of our achievements, we are not contented. Our vision is to emerge as a top-ranking professional Institution in all areas of education in India by 2015. Our aim is to achieve global recognition as a leading player in the field of professional education. Our success in this endeavour has the potential of making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for acquiring education.

We, the management, faculty and the students of KMCT, believe that the best way to survive change is to initiate it. And it is with this belief that we have continually engaged over the years in a relentless endeavour to improve upon our past performance and to enhance KMCT’s position in the league of the best professional institutions in India.

Further, we have to benchmark ourselves on a national and global scale with the best educational institutions and become the institution-of-choice for the best students from different states of India and abroad. This is a big challenge indeed. Knowing the great faculty we have, we have no doubt that this objective will be achieved and exceeded, as per our vision.